Hi, I’m Fahad. I’m trying to make the most of the time we have here, in a few different ways:

  • I love the art and science of building products. I’m currently enjoying life as a Product Manager at a sports analytics startup, and I’m looking to continue to solve people’s problems using technology.
  • Reading books. I mostly read non-fiction, with a focus on equality and justice, sociology, philosophy, and all things technology. I’m challenging myself to read 52 books by the end of 2016, although as I predicted, I’m having trouble keeping up.
  • I also make room for the other good things in life: spending time with family and friends, music, eating well, and staying active.


I write about product management on this blog and on Medium. In the spirit of showing my work, I take notes on all sorts of things and like to share what I have with other PMs.

Here are some examples:

Here are a few additional PM-related posts that people found helpful:


I’m always looking to meet people. Hit me up at fahad at fahadquraishi.com or follow me on Twitter and I’d love to connect.